Friday, June 8, 2007

Research Links about Segregation

For many people, it may come as a surprise that school segregation still exists, and is still a matter of contention in many districts around the country. A couple of articles discuss school segregation and why it matters: and

The Civil Rights Project has extensively studied the issue of racial segregation in schools. Racial segregation is increasing today and has been for almost two decades. Black segregation has been increasing in the South rapidly. Nationally, Latino students are the most segregated minority group (I'll discuss this more in a future post). However, white students are more isolated than students of any other racial/ethnic group. For more information, see a fact sheet of segregation:

A few other CRP studies are worth mentioning for anyone looking for more information on segregation.
1) The most recent report on school segregation, which discusses the rapid, multiracial transformation of the nation's public schools:
2) A report documenting the rapid resegregation of many school districts, including suburban school districts that were formerly all-white:
3) A report examining the growing segregation and resulting effects on achievement in Denver:
4) A report examining segregation across a metropolitan area (Boston) and how segregation across boundary lines can affect the integration of a student's school, their school's educational resources, and the achievement of students:
5) On a related topic, a report examining the segregation of teachers in public schools:

Finally, for more information on research about the benefits of integrated schools and the harms of segregated schools, the social science statement submitted by 553 social scientists summarizes the extensive desegregation literature. It is

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