Monday, June 11, 2007

Background Information on Voluntary K-12 Integration

1) For a comprehensive manual on voluntary k-12 school integration, click here. This manual was designed for parents, educators, and advocates and provides:

  • Historical information on court-ordered desegregation, the contemporary resegregation crisis, and the importance of integrated schools and classrooms.
  • The kinds of student assignment strategies that districts have adopted to reduce racial and ethnic isolation and promote integration.
  • Information on how communities and schools can promote integration.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and links to additional resources.

2) Click here for a fact sheet describing how race-neutral school integration plans impact racial diversity. Generally, the fact sheet explains why race-neutral alternatives do not achieve racial diversity and details specific challenges faced by school districts using race-neutral alternatives.

  • For more detailed analyses of individual districts' experiences with race-neutral approaches to school integration, see the "SES/Alternative Approaches to School Integration " label.

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